Surmounters of Texas, Inc.
A 501(c)3  Texas Non-Profit Corporation
Equine Therapy

Horse Supported Counseling, Learning, and Growth.
( aka, EAP, EAC, EAT
, HAT, EFP )

The Gypsy Horses of A Wizards Spell Ranch in Burleson, Texas
have an exceptionally astute, sensitive, calm, smart, and loving nature.
Because of this they provide immediate feedback.
If you are a member of our military suffering from PTSD, TBI, MST, stress/anxiety, family issues,
stressed, unhappy, angry, feeling grief or lack of self-esteem,
having personal or family issues, or work life issues, the horses will provide you an opportunity
 to develop insight into your particular challenge and take control of it.
Due to their ability to act a a biofeedback machine, you cannot fool a horse.

Join other veterans, spouses, and their families
along with an Equine Specialist, Counselor, or peer-to-peer support group and of course,
the Gypsy Horses to see if there can be a difference in your life.

Corporate Team Building
All sessions are on the ground, not riding.

In spite of being the prey, not the predator, horses have long survived and thrived as they are social animals with strong communication skills and relationships within their herd. Did you never hear a horse "speak" ?  They communicate with each other extremely successfully all day long without a spoken word. Watch and learn about the intricate body language they use to communicate all nature of moods, fears, attitudes, and safety towards their fellow herd-mates, and to us as humans if we would just "listen".  Sadly, left-brained speech producing humans have long since lost these skills of subtle communication with each other or even the ability to notice what is going on around them. Have you ever driven somewhere and don't remember the drive ?  A horse would never do that. And Social Media has made it all the worse.

Perhaps your fine-tuned team of workers isn't actually hearing each other, what they are saying to each other, or even listening to what clients are actually saying, or really even working together. Or if they are, perhaps this all important aspect of successful team work could be enhanced through living experiences with our horses. You will be surprised at what you think you know.

An example of this presented itself not long ago at a recent session. One of the Team Leaders was complaining about her group "not listening to her or following her directions" in spite of her many times of trying to get them to move forward on a project.  We handed her one of the most cooperative, well mannered and giving horses we have and told her to walk him over the six inch jump.  Just walk.  No pressure. This same horse that will do ANYTHING you ask of him at ANY time.....just ignored her and ate grass as if she wasn't there.  Equine Specialist said "Tell him what you want."  Team Leader said "I don't want to pull him."   Equine Specialist took the horse's lead back (gently) and without so much as a pull or ANY pressure on the horse, with two fingers holding the lead, said very quietly and calmly "Come on Trevor, lets WALK."  And off he went over two jumps and followed the ES around until she stopped and said "Whoa".

Learning for Team Leader was this "Tell them what you want in a language they understand and do not be afraid of asking for what it is you want completed. You won't offend or hurt anyone by doing so."  Team Leader now has a new set of skills used to impart directions and team members now listen to her as she truly "isn't afraid to pull him".

Ask a few of these questions and decide if your team is worth investing in:

** Is your leader equipped with the necessary skills to actually be the leader ?
** Is the team working as a group or as a group of individuals ?
** Is your group focused on a common goal? Do they truly know what that goal is at a deep level ?
** Is your team tired and listless ?  Do they need a "day out" to reform relationships at a  deeper level ?
** Are your team members satisfied in their personal lives as well as work lives ?
** Are problems solved as a group or is it always one or two who carry the load ?
** Do you truly know the strengths and weaknesses of each team member ?  Are you sure about that ?

Sessions include a Life Coach or Licensed Counselor or both, a Horse Specialist, one or many horses depending on the exercises, and your willing team.

Collaborations are intense and effective and often produce breakthroughs and results much quicker than traditional learning or therapies.  Horses and their responses bring new dimensions and energies to a session.  Participants learn about themselves and their coworkers at a much deeper level allowing discussions of behaviors and expectations often leading to permanent change and growth.

Are you and your team performing as a cohesive highly productive group or is there room for improvement ?    We can help.

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Let us set up team sessions for you.