Surmounters of Texas, Inc.
A 501(c)3  Texas Non-Profit Corporation
Equine Therapy

Horse Supported Counseling, Learning, and Growth.
( aka, EAP, EAC, EAT
, HAT, EFP )

The Gypsy Horses of A Wizards Spell Ranch in Burleson, Texas
have an exceptionally astute, sensitive, calm, smart, and loving nature.
Because of this they provide immediate feedback.
If you are a member of our military suffering from PTSD, TBI, MST, stress/anxiety, family issues,
stressed, unhappy, angry, feeling grief or lack of self-esteem,
having personal or family issues, or work life issues, the horses will provide you an opportunity
 to develop insight into your particular challenge and take control of it.
Due to their ability to act a a biofeedback machine, you cannot fool a horse.

Join other veterans, spouses, and their families
along with an Equine Specialist, Counselor, or peer-to-peer support group and of course,
the Gypsy Horses to see if there can be a difference in your life.

Upcoming Events

We have ongoing private and group sessions
with our Gypsy Horses and their Babies
at our ranch here on the West side of Burleson.

We are very deep into serving our Veterans, Active & Reserves and their Families,
individually and peer to peer support.
We will post group events on Facebook and also
advise the multiple VA's we are working with.
Ask a Counselor.

We also work with those facing physical and mental challenges
 who are not involved with the military.
MS, MD, Autism, Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, to name just a few.

We provide presentations at schools regarding bullying,
self esteem and body dysmorphic issues.
How to handle peer pressure.
Ways to succeed.

We provide team building exercises to corporation
wishing to develop a stronger team.

Come join us.

The 2016 foals begin arriving April and May too.

Please also contact us for ways of working with your specific group.

Also see us on Facebook at      817-297-9292   Linda Brown

More about the ranch at